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Humanity is facing a global crisis with pesticides, antibiotics, disease outbreaks, and environmental pollutants working against our mental and physical health. ​ION Intelligence of Nature* gut strengthening, soil-derived supplement goes beyond probiotics to help your microbiome flourish on its own, the natural way. ​ION Intelligence of Nature* supports your body via redox signaling to rebuild the gut lining and maintain tight junction integrity for proper barrier support. This function creates a domino effect of good health, promoting immune function, mental clarity, and respiratory and digestive wellness. Put simply, ​ION Intelligence of Nature* helps you thrive!

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This offer is only available here and for a limited time! Don't wait to start living your healthiest and happiest life possible!

This offer is only available here and for a limited time! Don't wait to start living your healthiest and happiest life possible!

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What to Know:

  • ​ION Intelligence of Nature* strengthens tight junctions (the gut’s unsung heroes).
  • ​70% of the immune system resides in the gut lining; thus, when the gut lining is compromised, the immune system is compromised. Gut health is immune health.
  • ​Take approximately one tsp before each meal; ION Intelligence of Nature* supports the gut best when acting as a shield against gluten, glyphosate, and other environmental invaders.
  • ​ION*Sinus is an important part of the ION*Biome product line and helps to support the microbiome at the start of the gut, which is actually in the sinuses (fun fact!).
Zach Bush, MDCEO, ​Intelligence of Nature
“​ION Intelligence of Nature* goes beyond other supplements to support your wellbeing at a foundational level. By laying those buildingblocks with ​ION Intelligence of Nature*, you aren’t just supplementing, you’re supporting.”


The Glendora Education Foundation has supported Christy Jones’ Healthy Living program for kindergarten through fifth grade in the Glendora Unified School District for six years now. Christy’s passion for teaching children about their whole-body health is inspiring. As a parent of students who have gone through her classes; I have seen her teaching style make an impact on my children. In today’s busy learning environment, Christy gets her message through by engaging the students and having them actively participate, which leads to subject retention, they remember what she has shared with them! Her proactive approach to  mindfulness is a fundamental change that is necessary in this day in age when students, teachers, and parents are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed much of the time. We at GEF fully support Christy’s initiatives and methods for the students of GUSD.

- Elizabeth Reuter,

Co-President Glendora Education Foundation

Christy Jones is an experienced healthcare advocate who has helped hundreds of students understand the importance of good nutrition and mental health. Addition she helps fathers and mothers an adult understands importance of good mental health and how to relax in today society.

- Dr. Anthony Ratkovic               

I am a licensed clinical social worker who works as a therapist and clinical supervisor in multiple settings. Christy Jones has given me not just mindfulness tools for my personal life (which have been transformational) but also for my professional life. In counseling sessions with clients, I have been utilizing Christy Jones’ mindfulness strategies and have seen how they truly benefits my clients. In addition, I provide clinical supervision to social workers & therapists who work with children and youth and have been teaching these  professionals the mindfulness tools Christy Jones has given me. They are enthusiastic and excited about learning these tools and have begun implementing them with their clients (as well as in their personal lives). Truly, everyone can benefit from Christy Jones’ mindfulness strategies and tools!

- Ashlyn Cherry, LCSW             

Christy has brought to our district a keen awareness of the importance of both physical and social-emotional wellness for teachers and students. As we have continued to see a decline in feelings of contentedness and a rise in emotional dysregulation among our students, this information is proving to be vital. Christy has conducted mindfulness workshops for teachers intended to assist them with stress management and personal well-being, and she has extended these workshops with classroom practices that create positive learning environments to promote calm and focused students. We are also using her to work directly with students to teach them these concepts, increase resilience, and decrease anxiety. Christy is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and she continues to expand her tool kits with the most current and up-to-date research on a range of topics including nutrition, brain research, brain-body connection, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, among others. Christy is energetic and passionate about creating schools where teachers and students can thrive, and her joy is absolutely contagious!

- Dr. Rebecca Summers,

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Glendora School District

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