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Let’s do an experiment, say the word diet.

What do you feel in your body?

Now say Healthy Life Style.

What do you feel in your body?

When I say Diet I feel my stomach and my chest tighten up.

When I said Healthy Life Style I feel my body relaxed and light.

Interesting Right?

What I have learned in working with clients is our body is our best scientific experiment tool on the planet. It reacts to every thought we have. So if a person thinks a “Diet” is wonderful and the best thing out there and feels good doing it, there is a great chance they will do well. And if a person feels like being on a diet is a negative thing and they feel deprived, most likely will not reach their health goals. Most people do not view a diet in an empowering way so just the thought of being on a diet is the first step for setting them up for failure.

More reasons diets are not the best option:
• Many times they restrict calories too much
• Some are designed for fast results that can’t be maintained
• They are hard to maintain
• Our bodies are all unique and the same foods that are right for one person is not the right match for someone else.
• They are viewed as a quick fix
• Many people set unrealistic expectations

What can Christy Jones Health Coach Do for me?
She Helps her clients identify clear measurable outcomes and set them up for inevitable success. Provide one on one support, encouragement and guidance to help clients build a healthy gut and reach their health goals.

She Helps her clients find out as quickly as possible which foods are best for them and which ones are causing digestive stress.

She’ll Help You Create a healthy and mindful relationship with food.

She will Teach you specific exercises and tools to reduce stress, promote healing and increase circulation.

Gives you Done-for-you guides and recipes, While Guides you on how to create healthy habits and behaviors that last.

Knows How to reduce inflammation and toxicity in their body.

And She Knows How to tackle automatic negative thoughts. Fun ways to promote brain health and increase mental focus. How to love their lives!