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If I can just lose weight…. Then

I can fit into my favorite jeans!
I will be happy!
I will feel sexy and more confident!
I feel like people will respect me more!
I will feel healthier!
I will feel comfortable in my own skin!

Do any of these comments hit home? I know personally I have experienced all theses statements. Why is it that our weight plays such a significant role in our self-confidence, happiness, and value as a person? It is almost like we are at war with ourselves. Have you ever caught yourself making negative comments about your body, weight or how you look? I am going to dare to say many of us have a constant negative conversation about ourselves playing in our heads. Does that ring a bell?
What are some of the comments you catch yourself saying? Here is a chance to write them down, so you are aware of what you are saying to yourself. When we bring awareness to our thoughts and actions, we create an opportunity to make a new choice. A choice that is supportive instead of destructive.

Many times these conversations in our head revolve around how we look or think we should look. Or it may be any number of other situations that we notice we are disempowering ourselves.

Think about how you would talk to your best friend or a small child. It would be encouraging, right? That is exactly how we want to start talking to ourselves. How do we start a new empowering conversation with ourselves?

1. Commit to loving yourself right here and now!!!! Yes, right now love, value and nourish the beautiful creation you are! You may be saying “I can’t do that”! Whatever we focus on we get more of. What do you want more of? More of telling ourselves we are not enough? No way! Loving ourselves is the key to fully loving others! You might feel some resistance. Notice what is there for you.

2. Challenge your self-talk – it is time to talk back to those thoughts, challenge your mind. This is where I love bringing in the work of Byron Katie from her book: “Loving What Is.” The four questions to challenge your thoughts are:
1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that is true?
3.How do you react when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without that thought? Or how would you feel without that thought?

If you would feel better without that thought how can you change it to be an empowering thought instead of a disempowering thought? We are the creators of our thoughts. We get to choose what we think and what we say!

3. Tune into your body – our bodies know what they want and need. When we start listening to our bodies from a place of love and compassion, we will want to start treating ourselves better too. Our food choices may be more energizing instead of draining. We may notice our body is asking for sleep or exercise or relaxation. Then give your body what it is asking for!

4. Be open to new possibilities. Think outside the box! There are so many options out there! Look into Emotional Freedom Technique, read The 5 Love Languages, take a Mindfulness course, do something you have been putting off, take a road trip, start a collection, make a vision board, start a gratitude journal, etc. so often we will put off nurturing ourselves until we have lost weight or feel better about ourselves. Do it now!

We are becoming aware of how destructive our thoughts can be towards ourselves, how often we tend to put ourselves down for how we look and that we find it hard to love ourselves. We are finding the key is to end this war with ourselves and love ourselves right now exactly how we are, create empowering thoughts that serve us, tune into our bodies with love and compassion and create new possibles. We are not put on this planet in this life to put ourselves down! We are meant to live out our true purpose and shine bright! Find what makes your heart sing and do it! Love yourself, love others, go for your goals and don’t let anything get in your way!

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