Total Transformation, 90 Day Intensive
$119712 Weeks
Is for people who are ready to jump in and transform their health and their body now! This program includes 12- 1 hour weekly sessions, lots of resources to break through what is holding you back from having the health and body you want, delicious and easy recipes, a new perspective on what and how to eat that will bring joy and satisfaction to meals, targeted healing movements and exercises to help reduce stress, increase gut and brain health and a sense of well-being and happiness.
Set-up for Success, 6 Session Intensive
$6476 Weeks
This is for people who need a little extra support they know what to do and find they need a push in the right direction and some additional tools to get them where they want to go really.  This program includes 6 -1 hour sessions. These can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. We look at what is going to make the most difference to you to get you where you want to be and work from there.

Both Packages include a free gift worth $108 to reduce stress!

Popular Add-ons

Kitchen Clean Out and Grocery Shopping
$3971 Trip
This is for people who want to start fresh and be surrounded by the foods and ingredients that are the best for their body.  This will be broken down into three sessions:

1. discover what foods are most energizing.

2. Clean out the cupboards and stock them up.

3. To check in with what is working best and make adjustments as needed.

Young Athletes-How to Fuel your Body for Success
This session is designed for both parent and child to work together, we look at how to set you or your child up for inevitable success so they are fueling their body properly to build a healthy body on the inside and also have the tools they need to perform optimally, and recover faster, have been focus and reduce inflammation. We also look at sleep patterns and other areas of life that affect over all well-being.

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