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Do You Want an Easy Way to do a Daily Internal Workout?
Use The Belly Button Healing Kit to Transform Your Gut Health!

This odd looking stick is designed in particular to help you work out your insides, daily! Thirty-five years in the making, Belly Button Healing was developed by Ilchi Lee, international mind-body expert and NY Times bestselling author, when he discovered the power contained in the belly. He developed this comprehensive and experiential kit to help you improve your health by yourself, anytime from anywhere!

Why the Belly Button?

While it may sound strange at first, the belly button is actually incredibly important to your gut and overall health.
Why? Your gut is known as your 2nd brain and hosts a plethora of neurons, nerves that directly linked to the brain, major arteries and hormone producing glands As the center point of your gut area, the belly button is like the gatekeeper to this inner world of health and vitality. In East Asian Medicine, major energy lines, or meridians, run through the abdomen, so when you stimulate your belly button,energetic blockages are released.

The belly is a microorganisms that contains

  • Trillions of gut microbes
  • 90% of the body’s serotonin – the happiness hormone
  • 50% of the body’s dopamine – the joy hormone
  • Nerves that link directly to the brain
  • The enteric nervous system

Get the trifecta of the book, wand, and online course makes it easy to make Belly Button Healing a part of your everyday life!