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6 Brain and Body Boosting Breakfast Ideas

What do you think or when you hear the word BREAKFAST?

I instantly imagine plates of pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, bagels, donuts and cereal pop into my head. In the United States, our breakfast foods tend to be high in carbs and sugar and lacking any nutritional value.

They are much more like dessert than a meal. My goal in the article is to share a new perspective on breakfast.

When we break down the word BREAKFAST, its true meaning is to break our fast.

When we wake up in the morning, we have been fasting during our sleep for up to 12 hours. This first meal of the day is the most important meal of the day. Our body is ready for nourishment.

We absorb our nutrients more completely in this state. It is key we are giving our body the nutrients it needs for use to feel energize and productive in our daily life. We would not try to drive to work without gas in our car, or we would not put the wrong kind of gas in our car and expect it to run optimally.

Our body is the same way it needs the correct kind of fuel to get us where we want to go. Our destination is a healthy energized life!

Health Coacing And Nutritionist

The traditional American breakfast foods do not fuel the body and are leaving our tanks nutritionally bankrupt and leading to many health challenges over time.

I work with children, and it is heartbreaking to hear what they are putting in their bodies in the morning and the unhealthy habits that are being created.

We see liver disease skyrocket not only in adults but children as well. This is from the amount of sugar, processed foods and fast foods that we are consuming.

I will repeat this over and over in many articles because of the easiest things we can do to start getting our health on track is to limit sugar, proceed foods and fast foods drastically.

What can we do to provide our bodies with what it needs in the first meal of the day?

6 Tips for Creating a Healthy BREAKFAST:

  1. Drink WaterDrink water – when we wake up our bodies are dehydrated, drink two glasses of water to start Hydrated your body. Water before coffee is a must. Coffee dehydrates us. If we drink coffee
    without hydrated, we are continuing to dehydrate our body and our brain. Remember our brain is 80% water it is critical that we stay hydrated and nourish our brain.
  2. Get rid of the traditional breakfast foods and start eating foods you would eat for lunch and dinner. Some of my favorites are homemade soup, a variety of organic salads, salmon and veggies, quinoa salad, protein and veggie shakes.breakfast
      “Note if you have kids, make this transition a game. Make it fun! We want them to enjoy food not resent it.”
  3. Eat to energize your body – start thinking about “What foods give me energy?” Listen to your body after you eat and see how you feel. That will be the best indication of how your body is responding and process what you are eating. Many times we are so busy we are not paying attention to our body. Our body is our ultimate guide and will tell us what we need if we listen to it.
  4. Eat vegetablesEat vegetables (especially dark leafy greens) – we want to include a vegetable in every meal they are our most important food group. Too often this is what gets left off the plate especially for kids. Any way you like your veggies get them in, juice them, blend them, eat them raw, steam them, just get them in your body.
  5. Fuel your body with healthy fats – include avocados, raw nuts, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, flax seed oil, etc. in your meal. Everything I talk about is more focused on promoting brain health. Our brain is fat and water, and it needs fat for fuel. Our goal is to build a healthy brain to last us our lifetime. One of my favorites go to meals and snacks is avocado on sprout bread with coconut oil.
  6. Make sure you have a good source of protein – pay attention to what kinds of proteins your body responds well to. Do you feel more energized with plant proteins or animal proteins?

Tune into what your body is telling you and add that to your morning meal. One of my favorite protein sources are the Isa lean shakes from Isagenix. They offer both plant and undenatured whey protein and are the most nutrient dense shakes I have found.

For more information on these shakes…

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Other protein sources in the morning are salmon, organic eggs, lentils, nuts, etc.

Here’s fueling your body for optimal performance and health!