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These 15 Tips Will Help You To Reduce Your Stress Levels!

Everyone feels stressed at times, whether it is due to family issues, a fight with a friend or an issue at work. As a matter of fact, fifty percent of Americans are worried about the amount of daily stress they experience. Although therapy may help, let’s admit that at some point or another we have all considered laying on the infamous couch at the therapist’s, most solutions such as medication or tale therapy are dealt with in the long term. So what can you do in the next five minutes to prevent and reduce stress?

Here is our list of the top ways to immediately lower stress levels. These fifteen different tips will help you to lower the amount of stress that you feel on a daily basis. If it seems like a lot, try one at a time, it is not necessary to take them all on at once. It is up to you to choose the one you will try out first.

1. Breathe

Breathing in through your nose and release out through your mouth.
You can do anywhere. Even if your car. Two breathing techniques can help you get the air you need without working so hard to breathe: Pursed-lips Breathing and Diaphragmatic (also called Belly or Abdominal) Breathing.


2. Prayer or Meditation

Single focused practice, simply start off with three minutes a day, this will help you slow down and as you keep practicing it’ll get easier and you will be able to go longer. Try setting an alarm for those three minutes on your phone and simply close your eyes. Your focus should be on your breath, it is important to motive what you are feeling.

3. Exercise


Even if it is a daily walk, it is important to put yourself out there and just do it. The endorphin rush you feel after exercising is a healthy and impactful way to relieve stress.

4. Scents


Essential oils, scented candles and aromatherapy in general are a great way of taking the edge off. Two scents that are perfect for lowering stress are Rosemary and lavender. Whether it is as oil or a candle, try having these scents around you in some way or another.

5. Mindful Moments or a Tea break

Mindful Moments

A simple tea break where you are able to enjoy a relaxing, hot cup of tea can help you to take it easy, even if for just a few moments. It is however important to avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. If you cannot avoid it, well at least reduce your intake of nicotine as well as any beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol. Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants, meaning that instead of reducing your stress levels, they can increase them.

6. Sleep


This is a song you have probably heard song over and over again, that is however because it is very true, sleep is crucial. When you are tired, getting through a tough day can be even more difficult. Have a set bedtime and at least thirty minutes to that time, start getting ready for bed to ensure that you are in bed on time.

7. Food

What do you usually eat? Sugar, caffeine, and the likes? All of this can cause your energy to crash, this will make getting through the day even harder and in turn, your stress levels will rise.

8. Listen to Music

There are actually many ways in which music works as a stress reliever, from assisting in the treatment of stress due to medical procedures to triggering biochemical stress reducers.

9. Enjoy a Short Nap

Studies have shown that napping reduces the levels of cortisol; this in itself is a stress reliever.

10. Jot Your Thoughts Down

One way to effectively relieve symptoms that are related to stress is keeping a journal this is because it has reflective and meditative effects. You can really put things in perspective by keeping a gratitude journal. So choose a time of day that works best for you and jot down a few things that have made you happy.

11. Go for a Walk

A meditative and quiet stroll can work wonders to relieve stress, especially if you step outside. Make sure that you are not rushed; take on a pace that is natural to you.

12. Yoga on Demand

Take on a bit of light yoga, combining the poses and breathing techniques makes this an activity that lowers your level of stress. Your satellite or cable provider should offer sessions on demand which are easy to follow, if there is a yoga class near you, even better.

13. Let Go of Your False Sense of Control

In life there will always be situation that you are unable to control. With most of these cases, it is important to surrender to what life or a higher power has placed in your way. Remember that every life experience is a lesson in disguise.

14. When Needed, Treat Yourself

Take a timeout from your stress and do something that makes you relax or helps you to be happy. Perhaps it is taking a hot bath, enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or having a cup of hot tea. You deserve your love and compassion, so treat yourself with both.

15. Practice Gratitude

Every single second of every day offers us something to be thankful for, whether a call from someone we love, the warm sun or the simple fact that we have another day of life. By making a list of all that is great in your life, suddenly that one problem may not seem so bad anymore. A great habit is to every night before you go to sleep, mentally make your gratitude list.

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